A quick note about Jason’s 4 minute tuna steaks – Yum!

As we were leaving the house yesterday morning, Diane noted that she’d picked an extra lemon earlier in the week and we might want to use it soon. We’d already had lemon chicken this week, so I wanted to try something different — tuna seemed like it might be a good idea, so I Googled for “recipe lemon tuna steak” and the top hit was Jason’s 4-minute tuna steaks.

The “4-minute” part sounded good — of course, that was just the cooking time, but when I looked at the recipe, the prep didn’t seem too onerous, so I Sametime’d the URL to Diane to look at and she said “yes”.

I didn’t follow the recipe exactly (our lemons are oversized, but I cut everything else by 50% because I was only cooking for two — and I substituted crushed red pepper for the chili flakes), but it was very tasty and I’d happily make it again. More to the point, I’d happily eat it again, so I’m posting about it so I don’t lose the pointer to the recipe.

Thanks, Helen!