I didn’t know they still had to ask

We’re delayed at Atlanta Airport, so I thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of the delay and have a sit-down meal while we were stuck on Concourse D.

Our first attempt was at Sojourners, which had a decent menu and prices. But I was taken aback when the host asked “smoking or non-smoking”. And then he showed us to a table “near the border”. Of course, that meant “smoky”, so we politely said “no” and moved on.

Phillips Crab House, fortunately, was entirely non-smoking and had several non-shellfish entrees. Recommended, even if pricey.

2 thoughts on “I didn’t know they still had to ask

  1. Just a quick note of thanks … Way back in 2007 you did the homework to find “Tools of the Trade”. Thanks to the wonderful memory of search engines, my whimiscal search for the “one-liner” (build the tools to build the tools to fix …) I remembered from my Junior High School reading of Space Space Space hit on your description and saved me some searching. The phrase has been remembered and quoted by me for decades in my life as an engineer playing in spacecraft and airplanes watching it come true over and over.

    Thanks again! and my best wishes!

  2. I write up some of this stuff so I can find it later! I’m glad it’s helpful — and I wonder what today’s tools will lead to later on!

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