Truth in Comedy

After last week’s improv class, our teacher, Bobby August, sent us a note of encouragement, along with a suggestion to read Truth in Comedy.

The encouragement was welcomed (learning improv is hard work!), but the book suggestion was pure gold.

Of course it’ll be useful in improving my improv skills, but I found quite a lot to apply to other areas — mentoring, working with my team, conference calls…even programming. Here are a few of their “key points” that I plan to use offstage (and on).

  • Agreement is the only rule that cannot be broken.
  • There are no mistakes. Everything is justified.
  • Treat others as if they are poets, geniuses and artists, and they will be.
  • Yes, and…Accept and build.
  • Stay in the moment. What is happening now will be the key to discovery.
  • Be specific with your objects.

It’s a quick read – 149 pages – and well worth your time. Check your local library (or feel free to follow this link) for a copy.

And the show is just about four weeks away…yikes!

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