A GTD Experiment

Kelly Forrister, @GTDCoachKelly, ran a guided mindsweep on Twitter last week. I found it useful, and thought it might be handy to be able to repeat it (using her prompts and timings), so I threw together some truly awful HTML and JavaScript to do so.

Here it is.


Welcome to a self-running GTD mindsweep. The prompts and timings here were captured from @GTDCoachKelly’s Twitter mindsweep on October 15, 2009. Click the “Speed Up” button to run the mindsweep at ten times normal speed; click “Slow down” to return to normal speed.

This is utterly miserable JavaScript, and not very good HTML; the visual effect is pretty lame, too. Consider this page a proof of concept…and click “Start mindsweep” to start.

Mindsweep prompts will appear here.