Ten years or 400 milliseconds? You decide!

Earlier today, a friend asked me how long I’d been blogging, which got me to look at my earliest blog entries. In the process, I noticed that I’d left a question unanswered in my May 22, 2000 posting (to be fair, it was only asked implicitly). I was writing about the W3C Advisory Committee dinner at the Amsterdam Grand Hotel, and I noted that Jean-François Abramatic, the W3C Chairman at the time, was seated in the “Legi Gregi” chair but that I had no idea who Legi Gregi was.

But that was then. Today, of course, searching for answers is almost a reflex, so I highlighted “Legi Gregi” in that posting, right clicked, hit “Search Google”, and 400 milliseconds later, I had my answer (courtesy of an article Toni Dabbs wrote for TravelLady Magazine): “Legi Gregi” wasn’t a “who” at all; it means “for law and citizenry” in Latin.

I’m glad to be able to clear up the record.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, my first blog posting was on March 16, 2000, so I’ve been blogging just under 122 months so far.

2 thoughts on “Ten years or 400 milliseconds? You decide!

  1. I remember the first time you told me about your blog and blogging in general. I guess it was during your visit in IBM Haifa a year after you started (http://readthisblog.net/2001/03/20/three-movies-later/). The idea seemed very weird to me at the time. It took me two and a half more years (till September 2003) before I started blogging myself, and the experience changed my life :-).
    (have to admit that I’m no longer blogging. Carried on for about 5 years, had a powerful and emotional journey with it, and then lost the urge. It played its role in my life).

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