An inchstone on the road to recovery

Today’s Groupon offer was for a half-price bucket of range balls at the Pruneridge Golf Club. I went for it.

I guess this shows two things:

  • I’m feeling better
  • Groupon’s Super Bowl ad fiasco didn’t drive me away

Now, if the rain would just stop for a while….

2 thoughts on “An inchstone on the road to recovery

  1. 1. Yay!
    2. Boo! (I refuse to play the Groupon game)

    Let us know how you feel AFTER you hit the balls…. :)

  2. It may be a while before I actually USE the coupon — I’m supposed to putt and chip before I hit, and I haven’t done any of that yet. Maybe I should take a trip to Golfland!

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