Five years?

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been five years since my Mom passed away.

The coming (and going) of Passover is probably the most obvious reminder that another year has passed, along with the inevitable note from the synagogue reminding me when Kaddish will be recited for her, but this year, I got a special and unexpected reminder — a comment on my Driving Shiva posting.

I close posts for comments after a few months to reduce spam, but William, the person who sent the comment, didn’t let that stop him — he commented to a post that still was open for comment, and I’ve moved his comment where it belongs.

Thank you, William; I appreciate your thoughtfulness and your persistence!

2 thoughts on “Five years?

  1. Your blog touched me because I contacted someone on LinkedIn to follow-up on a referral today, hearing her colleague’s mother had passed and the women was attending her funeral. Reading your blog brings back my own mother’s passing four years ago on Valentine’s Day. That period was filled with sadness but joy comes present for me now for a number of reasons; 1) my mother was a source of wisdom and possibility; 2) I completed on her long-time request to spread her ashes in a sacred spot in Northern Arizona; and 3) I am probably receiving guidance from her in the form of ideas from other people. I am more willing today to see the wonder of life/death and how we hold living memories of loved ones. Thanks for the reminder…

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