If it’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity

It’s been a strange week for Silicon Valley companies – I hope it’s not something in the water.


There was a time when I felt compelled to keep up with my friends’ postings on Facebook. If I was too busy to check the site during the day, I’d make a point of scrolling back as far as it would let me so I’d miss as little as possible.

I remember feeling that way as clearly as I remember yesterday.

But yesterday seems far away; today, Facebook gifted me with their latest design change, and suddenly, I have no desire to catch up. In fact, I have very little desire to go to Facebook at all – the new design is complicated, what with a scrolling ticker in the upper right, an arbitrary division in the main text area between the “Top News” and the “Recent Updates”, and, in general, a lot of visual sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Google+ looks more attractive every day; I just wish they’d let me use it from my primary email address (hosted on Google Apps for Your Domain) instead of forcing me to use my depreciated GMail address.


Perhaps Facebook’s new complication was inspired by the Sunday night Netflix announcement. If so, they have more work to do – after all, you can still interact with everything that Facebook offers on one website, while Netflix is going to force their remaining users to deal with Netflix and Quickster.

I didn’t mind the price increase much, but doubling my workload because Reed Hastings has a vision of the future…what do they think they are, an airline?

One thought on “If it’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity

  1. Hi David, I feel exactly the same thing about Facebook. I’m preferring Google+ more and more by the day.
    Have not much comments about Netflix, since they just opened like a month or so ago here in Mexico. I’m reading that the list of movies, series, soap operas, etc., is not big yet so it’ll take a while until the service gets widely used.

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