A break from 24/7

For the last few weeks, I’ve been turning off my iPhone on Shabbat from the time Torah Study starts (about 9:30am) until services end (around noon). Today, I took it a step further, and kept the phone off through lunch, a play at San Jose Rep (God of Carnage, recommended), and even through dinner with Diane at Il Fornaio.

It was amazingly restful.

The phone is back on (I needed the GPS for our evening walk), but I intend to be more mindful in how I use it during the coming week. And it’s worth remembering that airplane mode works on the ground, too.

One thought on “A break from 24/7

  1. Brilliant! I love stuff like this. Any action we take that focuses us on mindfulness is brilliant.

    It usually takes me a couple weeks to get over being angry at having to change, but the end results are amazing.

    Thanks for the mindful reminder :)


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