The 2012 garden is planted!

I suspect this posting will interest me more than it does most of you; I wanted to document what I planted this afternoon in hopes of remembering it next year and choosing appropriately, based on the success or lack thereof of this year’s garden.

As usual, I planted three EarthBoxes with seedlings purchased today from Summerwinds. We waited longer than usual to plant this year for two reasons – first, because our Master Gardener friends told us to wait, and second, because we wanted to plant after coming home from Europe.

The first EarthBox is on our porch, and it has:

  • Diva Organic Cucumber, claims to be ripe in 58 days (July 8)
  • Slice Max Cucumber, “mid-to-early maturing”
  • Red Bell Pepper, ripens in 60–80 days (July 10–30)
  • Yellow Bell Pepper, ripe when it’s a rich yellow.

In past years, I’ve tried planting three peppers, but no more than two have ever produced, so I decided to see how only planting two works. I completely replaced the soil in this box, since the old soil was two years old.

The second EarthBox is out in the sun, with tomatoes. This year’s choices:

  • Early Girl, ripe in 50–62 days (June 30-July 12)
  • Large Red Cherry, ripe in 70–80 days (July 20–30)

Last year was not a good year for tomatoes – we got a fair number of yellow cherry tomatoes but only a few of the larger ones. I replaced half the soil in this box, since it was fresh last year.

The third EarthBox is also out in the sun, with watermelons. I planted two of the same:

  • Sugar Baby, ripe in 72 days (July 22)

Last year, I planted four melons in the same box; we got a few small melons, but nothing exciting. I replaced half the soil in this box, too, since it was fresh last year.