Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Three

We’re not really quarantined (or anything close to it), but we are sheltering in place, so I’ve changed the title for this and subsequent entries.

I had two online Toastmasters meetings today; the first was my home club, Silver Tongued Cats, which usually meets at the JCC. We had pretty good attendance (15 or so people) for our first online meeting – we even had a guest! Technology wasn’t much of a problem (a few teething pains, of course), so I’m hopeful.

The other was a club I’m mentoring at Citrix – they, naturally, used GoToMeeting, which I didn’t find quite as smooth as Zoom, but it worked fine, too. Their attendance was hurt by how many members were handling customer situations, but I think everyone who was able to join gained from the experience.

We did our usual rounds of walking and shopping (actually, we drove to Whole Foods to buy milk – that’s just a little too much to schlep home).

We managed to do some weeding in the xeriscape – it looks better, but I know the weeds are just waiting to return.

TV was the usual – Colbert, Maddow, MSNBC Coronavirus Update, and Whose Line is It Anyway; the last was the funniest.

Things are beginning to feel routine, even if they’re also surreal.