Quarantine Journal, Day Two

I slept surprisingly well; I guess not watching the news or anything like it near bedtime was a good idea, though I did keep reading last week’s Economist (what I read wasn’t coronavirus-heavy).

Another slow morning, but we eventually got out for a walk – we only got as far as Safeway, where we found peppers, cucumbers, rice, and pasta, calling for a quick trip back home.

Lunch was takeout from Sam’s BBQ. The streets were pretty empty as we drove there, but there were a few other customers picking up food, which, I think, is good.

Apple announced a new iPad Pro and a new MacBook Air today – I’ve ordered the Air to replace this old MacBook Pro, even though the screen is significantly smaller. This machine is showing its age (10 years old in April) and can no longer be upgraded, so it’s worth giving the Air a try (especially with the new keyboard). I will have at least 15 days to try it – and probably more than that, since Apple stores are closed indefinitely.

After lunch, we watched last night’s Colbert Late Show, then we took another walk, and then I did a few things at the computer (just like any other day, I guess).

The Census “invitation” came in the mail, so we filled it out – it was very simple, and they had clearly done a lot of work on the UX. Far easier than, say, buying an airline ticket.

Dinner was the chicken we’d bought at Lunardi’s a couple of days ago – lots of leftovers for the next couple of days – and then another walk so we could both hit our goals (yesterday, I didn’t even get my 12 “stand” hours on my Watch!).

Diane watched MSNBC and I worked on culling old photos (from 2000!).

And that was it for today. Tomorrow, I have two Toastmasters meetings, both, of course, online.