Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Eleven

Today dawned chilly, with frost on the roof, so we decided to postpone our morning walk until it warmed up a bit. Instead, we talked with our son in Boston – he’s doing OK and staying busy at work (in his room, of course!). He’s been doing movie watch parties in the evening – I didn’t know that was a thing!

We decided today was the day to do “big” shopping, so I warmed up the car and we hit Nob Hill and Lucky for sale items and things too heavy to carry home by foot. The Lucky shopping center has quite a few restaurants, most of which were open for takeout (although Yogurtland is closed for the duration); we decided to pick up another take-and-bake pizza from Tony and Alba’s and had it for lunch.

Earlier in the day, Diane’s ophthalmologist had let her know that they had submitted a refill for one of her prescriptions; it was ready right after lunch, so we walked to CVS to pick it up and then got a few smaller items at Lunardi’s.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival announced that they were not going to start the season until September, so I spent the afternoon cancelling our hotels for our June and August trips to Ashland.

I’m still waiting for United to officially cancel our flight to Taiwan so I can get a refund instead of a credit – I think that’s what is required, and even then, I’m sure I’ll have to do a chargeback with Chase. If anyone has gotten United to cough up a refund, please let me know how you did it!

We took yet another walk this evening and stopped at Safeway for salad fixings; the store was pretty empty, which made me happy – it was easy to maintain social distancing. Like the other stores, they now will only bag into new bags, but since we only had three items, doing it ourself was easy.

And then we came home and sang along with Friday Night service from Shir Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom!