Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Twelve

The paper was slightly wet when I picked it up this morning, and the weather didn’t improve much all day. Fortunately, we didn’t have to go anywhere.

We’re looking at the parashah of the week during Torah Study this year with an attempt to tie it to the writings of Mordechai Kaplan; this week, we started Leviticus and went straight into a discussion of sacrifices and their relationship to how we pray. We didn’t get very far into Kaplan, but we’re going to continue along the same track next week. People are getting more comfortable with Zoom, too.

It wasn’t raining (much) after Torah Study so we went out for a walk before watching the Torah Service from Shir Hadash – it was the only walk we managed today.

We had to stay home in the afternoon because we were expecting a wine delivery from Tobin James Cellars in Paso Robles – UPS said it would arrive between 3-7pm and we didn’t want to miss it. While we were waiting, we called two of our local favorite wineries, Silver Mountain Vineyards and Muns Vineyards and ordered wine from them for delivery next week. Then we made dinner (a balsamic and fig chicken meal kit from Nob Hill Markets); no wine arrived, though, and UPS’s map shows the truck back at their depot in Sunnyvale. Oh, well – we’re not out of wine, so delayed delivery isn’t a problem.

I worked on my photos some more – I’m up to October, 2000 and a trip to England and Germany. Progress!

We ended the evening by watching the Ring Cycle – well, the Reduced Shakespeare Company’s The Ring Reduced (23 minutes). If only we’d watched that last week, we could have watched the Metropolitan Opera’s free stream of the entire Ring Cycle this week! Sometimes, you just get lucky.