Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Fourteen

UPS was supposed to deliver the wine they didn’t deliver on Saturday; according to their maps, the truck got within three blocks of our house before going back to home base, and they’ve rescheduled for tomorrow. On the other hand, Muns Vineyard had told us they’d be delivering tomorrow, and they brought our wine today, so we broke even on the day.

I was able to use United’s Twitter account to verify that our flight to Japan had officially been cancelled. They aren’t giving refunds (despite DOT regulations) but the agent helped me find the least bad alternative for credit (one which, in theory, will generate a refund in November) – in the meantime, I’ve asked Chase Bank’s Twitter account how to dispute the charge. More on this if something happens.

Other than that, it was a day like every other day recently – a couple of walks, a little TV, too much time watching Twitter and Facebook for news, and cooking at home. We found an easy recipe for lingcod – then we discovered we didn’t have the all the spices it called for, so we improvised, and it came out just fine.

And how was your day?

2 thoughts on “Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Fourteen

  1. We have a couple of similar upcoming airline cancellations we expect to deal with (not cancelled yet, but certainly will be). I’ll be interested to hear what Chase tells you about disputing the charges. We used a Chase credit card as well.

  2. Mark and I finally cancelled our flight home for May on Alaska, yesterday. But that we’re getting an Alaska Credit to use, later without a change fee. That should work for us.

    Now we just have to figure out when our best window for driving the trailer home is, instead.

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