Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Fifteen

Making two weeks and one day of the lockdown, which was extended today until early May – I hope it ends before the Omer does!

I spent most of the day staring at the UPS “Follow My Delivery” map – in addition to the wine that didn’t get delivered on Saturday or Monday, they also claimed they were going to deliver the LED cans from Home Depot. The two packages had different expected delivery times but the maps showed the same truck – and it was just two blocks away from our house at 9:30am!

So Diane and I went on separate walks to be sure someone was home. And then we did it again between 2-4pm. And I kept checking my phone throughout our Trivia Zoom party. And the truck kept circling our house.

We had dinner. No truck. Finally, at 7pm, the doorbell rang – and there were packages on the porch! I was on the phone with a doctor (he was following up on a routine matter, but he had a horror story he wanted to tell about his trip to the ER at Stanford the previous week, fortunately not COVID-related) and I couldn’t hang up on him, so Diane brought in the boxes and then changed her clothes for safety – we’ll let the boxes sit for a day or so before opening them.

Tomorrow, FedEx is supposed to deliver wine – they don’t offer a “Follow My Delivery” map, so maybe I won’t obsess quite so much. Sometimes, not knowing is better!