Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Thirty-Seven

We talked to Jeff this morning and played online trivia (courtesy of the Santa Clara City Library) with some of our usual trivia team tonight. Those were the high points of the day.

We also got Diane’s car smogged so we could renew the registration; it was pretty painless and nearly contact-free (I almost picked up the pen attached to the request form but realized what I was doing and used my own pen instead). And we got to walk while the car was being checked.

Today makes thirty-seven consecutive days I’ve posted to this blog; I thought that might be my record but it’s not even close – I hit 83 consecutive days in 2000 (it would have been 95 days if I hadn’t joined in the “Day without Weblogs” effort for World AIDS Day that year).

I intend to blog (even if there’s not much to say) daily during the Shelter-in-Place order here; I hope I don’t break my record!