Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Forty-Seven

Frankenstein and the Creature

We don’t binge-watch TV. I think we may have watched as many as three episodes of The Good Place at a time when Jeff first introduced it to us, but that was our limit.

Today, however, we watched both versions of the National Theatre’s production of Frankenstein – one with Benedict Cumberbach as the Creature and Jonny Lee Miller as Frankenstein, and the other with the roles reversed. They’re available on YouTube until May 7th, and I recommend both. If you have to choose one, I’d take the one where Jonny Lee Miller is the Creature – it was just a little bit tighter.

We also attended Shir Hadash’s Zoom Torah Study and watched last night’s Shabbat message and last night’s Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

And we even started listening to the selections in the NYT’s “Five Minutes to Make You Love Opera” playlist.

I had hoped to watch Young Frankenstein tonight, too, but we ran out of time. Maybe tomorrow.

Lest I make us sound like total couch potatoes, I should note that we did manage to hit our step and calorie goals for the day – it was a nice day to wander through the neighborhood!