Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Forty-Eight

After last week’s experience at the Farmers’ Market, we took “leaving early” more seriously and were out of the house just a few minutes after 8. Not all of the vendors were completely set up when we arrived, but the fishmonger was ready – there were only four people in line, and she had plenty of all kinds of fish.

I was planning to buy tuna (which had run out last week while we were on line), but was pleasantly surprised to find fresh local king salmon available, so I bought that instead, and we had it for lunch – yummy! I also bought fresh local lingcod for tomorrow or Tuesday.

After yesterday’s TV binge, we didn’t even turn the TV on today – instead, Diane worked on a project for Temple and I worked on things for Toastmasters (so we still got lots of screen time, just smaller screens).