Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 54

One day may be much like the last, but Shabbat still has a different feel to it. There’s Torah Study (this year, we’re looking at the weekly portion with an emphasis on Mordecai Kaplan’s writings and diary), followed by a service. Early in the lockdown, the service was pre-taped, but now most of them are live, as was today’s – it’s much better to be together at the same time, even if we can’t be in the same place. I’ll be leading services and Diane will be chanting Torah in two weeks; as of now, we don’t have a lay Cantor, but I hope someone will volunteer between now and then.

The rest of the day was quiet; we had a Zoom call with friends we haven’t seen in a few months and took a couple of walks. We also watched the National Theatre’s production of Treasure Island – it was OK, but not compelling. The NT videos seem to be refreshing at about 10 frames/second, which gives them a very strange and jerky look, which doesn’t help.

And Apple sent me an email telling me my trade-in was approved and to expect a credit to my card within 5 business days – I’ll reserve judgment until I actually see the money, but things look very hopeful!