Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Fifty-Seven

It’s Tuesday, so we did our weekly shopping. I’m not sure that hitting four stores is quite in keeping with the advice to shop less, but at least we were able to stay out of Whole Foods for another week (we hit Safeway, CVS, Lunardi’s, and Trader Joe’s – all were pretty uncrowded and sane). We actually made two trips to CVS – after I’d checked out, I realized that the 70% alcohol wipes I saw on the counter were for sale (not just for in-store use) and went back to get a box of them; things are looking up!

Dinner was an experiment – we tried making Crispy Frico Chicken Breasts with Mushroom and Thyme from the New York Times “At Home” section. I think my stove interpreted “medium-high” more aggressively than the author intended – the cheese was blackened and so were the mushrooms. Using real grated Parmesan cheese instead of an old container of Kraft grated parmesan-romano blend might have helped, too – but the results were edible and the cleanup wasn’t too horrible.

Every day is a learning experience.