Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Seventy

We’re members of five wine clubs. One, Silvertip Vineyards, held its pickup event over the weekend. They barbecue steak, chicken, salmon, and pork, along with interesting veggies and munchies, and, of course, wine. We always enjoy it, even though the drive there is somewhat challenging (Highway 17 to Bear Creek, then up to Highway 35, then down Upper Zayante, which is about 1.4 lanes wide).

This year, of course, the event was different. People were invited to drive in, open their trunks, get the wine, and leave – somehow, that didn’t feel worth the drive, so we took advantage of their offer to ship the wine to our house. It was supposed to be shipped tomorrow, but this afternoon, we got a note from them saying that they were delaying the shipment because of the hot weather (well over 90 today) and the chance that the wine might be adversely affected in transit.

Last Friday, I’d ordered a few bottles from Tobin James Cellars in Paso Robles – they were supposed to ship tomorrow, but when I got Silvertip’s note, I hurried to call Tobin James and postpone that shipment, probably successfully.

Fortunately, we have enough wine to get us through at least a few more weeks!