Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Eighty-One

(That would be nine weeks if weeks had nine days each!)

It was laundry day today. I happened to be the one who took it out of the dryer and started putting it away. When that happens, I take care of all of my clothing and some of Diane’s since I know where it goes, but there’s some of Diane’s clothing that I don’t quite understand. Sometimes I leave it in the basket for her; other times, I fold it and leave it on the bed for her – but neither of those choices has made her happy.

Today, I decided to try something new – I separated the tops and the pants and put them flat on the bed. A little later, she told me “thank you for laying out the clothes so neatly and making it easy for me.”

It only took me 43 years to get it right! Sometimes, less is more.