Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Ninety-Two

We’re getting a little better at meal planning and shopping preparedness; this week, we had everything that we needed written down on one piece of paper and in a rational order for a short trip through the supermarket. And we almost stuck to our list – but at the end, we discovered that Diane’s cereal was on sale, so we bought a few boxes (we were standing in the cereal aisle waiting for the cashier anyway!). We have to pick up a couple of things at a different store tomorrow, but then I think we’ll be finished for the week.

We got our remaining airfare refunds for our cancelled trip to Iceland today. We also got a note from British Airways reminding us that if we want to cancel our flights to Portugal, they’d be happy to give us a voucher good through 2022. I plan to wait and see if they cancel the flight so we can get a real refund, but if all we can get is a voucher, it’ll be OK. I hope we can take a trans-Atlantic trip safely before 2022!

2 thoughts on “Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Ninety-Two

  1. Still waiting for a refund from Lufthansa more than a month. Lufthansa cancel our flights more than a month ago. Last week we received the rest of our deposit refund from National Geographic for our Norway trip. Only took numerous phone calls, emails and Denise finding the email address for National Geographic’s CEO to whom she sent a well written letter.

  2. I had to call United to get my refund for Japan after I made the mistake of cancelling online even after one leg of the trip had been cancelled by the airline, but it worked (it took a while).

    I called American to cancel my flight from Richmond to San Jose after they moved the flight time by 8 hours, then had to go online to request the refund – it took a week to get the refund approved and another week for it to show up on my card, but it was a painless process, and I probably could have done the initial cancellation online anyway.

    JetBlue took a long time on hold and a five-minute conversation; they refunded promptly.

    Gohagen Travel took care of the Alaska/Icelandic flights with no effort at all on my part. But they aren’t refunding the rest of the trip – I had to roll it over to a future trip.

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