Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Ninety-Six

Shabbat is supposed to be a day of rest, and today filled the bill. We “went” to Torah Study and Shabbat Morning services and took a few walks. Diane had a Zoom session on photos, and I curated photos from January, 2005 – and that was about it. Lunch was leftover chicken, and dinner was the chickpea recipe I’ve made a few times in the last couple of months – the only novelty was a slightly different cocktail with dinner (note to self: don’t have cocktails AND wine with dinner – space them out next time).

There was a tiny bit of excitement on the tech front – we used the Amcrest webcam for the first time on our Zoom sessions today; I kinda wish I’d bought one with only a 70 degree field of view instead of 90 degrees, but even at 90 degrees, there’s much less of the room visible and more of us than there was with the WyzeCam. And some app on my iPhone decided to run hot and drain the phone’s battery – a hard reboot seems to have cured that problem.

I hope you had a restful Saturday, too!