Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 100

The start of the new Toastmasters year is only a week away, which makes for a busy time in my role as District 101 Webmaster. Probably the most time-consuming task is getting photos from the incoming District leaders to publish on the District website – this year, I’m trying something different by using their candidate photos and cropping them to fit the space on the right page and just asking for their approval (in past years, I’ve gotten teeny-tiny thumbnail photos when I’ve asked for a full-size photo, or photos where the person was barely visible). I spent most of the morning on that task, and much of the afternoon culling yet more photos from 2005 (I’m half-way through my day at the Great Wall of China and the Summer Palace – I took a lot of photos, not all of which are necessary to tell the story).

No new recipes today; instead, we revisited two new favorites: Kay Chun’s Korean Barbecue-Style Meatballs from the New York Times and Gaby Dalkins’s Greek Chicken Trough from the Mercury News. Both make leftovers, which is a blessing – and the meatballs freeze well, so we can save them for a day when we’re in a hurry.

This evening was trivia courtesy of the Santa Clara City Library. They filled up the Zoom room with 36 teams; participants came from all over the world (mostly California, of course, but there were people from Scotland and Singapore). Our team, Bingo Slytherin, won – in the Before Times, that would have earned us a dessert pizza. Victory was sweet anyway.

2 thoughts on “Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 100

  1. Interesting looking recipes! Thanks for posting the link. But I have a couple of questions:

    Regarding the Korean BBQ-style Meatballs … the NYTimes recipe has many comments with suggestions for making them less bland. Do you make yours by the recipe … or do you use any/many of the suggested modifications?

    Regarding the Greek Chicken Trough … What’s in “Greek Seasoning”? Is there a substitute mixture one could make using spices on hand?

  2. I’ve made the meatballs according to the recipe. They’re tasty but not hot; I use Lunardi’s 85/15 ground beef (the most recent batch was with grass-fed beef).

    I did a web search for “Greek Seasoning” and made up a batch following a plausible-looking recipe, probably this one, carefully chosen because I had all of those spices on hand. I might try Penzey’s Greek Seasoning the next time I get something from them.

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