Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 103

This morning, Diane got a text from a friend inviting us over for a socially-distanced afternoon in their pool. We knew there was enough space in their pool to stay well over 6 feet apart, so we said “yes” and headed over after lunch.

It was very strange, but pleasant, to see unmasked faces for more than a few seconds at a time. And it was a good day to spend in a shady, warm pool with friends.

Under normal circumstances, we would have gone to dinner with them; instead, we came home and made an old favorite, Chicken Breasts with Soy-Mustard Marinade. Don’t tell anyone, but we cooked the chicken on our Traeger pellet grill instead of a Weber BBQ as called for in the recipe.

I played with my FT-817 some more and was able to raise the local repeater (last night, I didn’t have it set to send out the sub-audible tone necessary for the repeater to respond). I even was able to listen to some of the Field Day activity on 40 meters, but I didn’t have enough power (or patience) to work anyone. Maybe tomorrow….