Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 107

It was the first day of the Toastmasters year, so I had a lot to do for the District 101 website.

Naturally, I spent the morning and much of the afternoon getting ready for my Toastmasters club meeting tomorrow morning because I forgot to exclude myself from being the Toastmaster of the Day when the schedule was being built and I got chosen.

And because I’m not always good with priorities, I decided it was the perfect time to update the spreadsheet we use to manage meetings to make it reflect the end of the legacy educational program and the move to Zoom, which meant creating feedback forms for all the speakers and ensuring they can read the responses.

Oh, and I also thought I should automate building the list of members without assigned roles for the meeting to make the Table Topics Master’s life easier – and that meant that I had to learn how to write a GoogleScript (JavaScript) formula to reformat names coming from Toastmasters International to get rid of cruft like achievement levels and middle initials.

And I didn’t remember that July 1st was going to be a busy day when my dentist offered it as a rescheduled date for my long-delayed cleaning, so I had to go there after lunch; it took longer than it would have under pre-pandemic circumstances, but not much longer, and I was happy with their COVID-19 precautions.

However, they found two cavities, one of which is partially under a bridge, so now I have two more trips to their office happening this month. And a cleaning planned for October.

After dinner, though, I finally got to the work for District 101 – most of it, anyway. There are some parts of the site that will have to wait for tomorrow – after my club meeting.

Retirement is so restful!