Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 114

1-1-3 was Information. 1-1-4 was Repair Service, so it’s appropriate that I spent this morning at the dentist’s office having some Repair Service: two fillings and a crown.

There had been some changes at the dentist since the last time I needed anything more than a cleaning – instead of taking wax impressions of the spot for the crown, they used a 3D camera/scanner to get the measurements and dispatched the order to the lab as I watched.

And of course there were new COVID-19 precautions – the dentist and assistant wore face shields and masks, and they put some sort of airway protection/suction device in my mouth covering everything but the teeth they were working on.

Two hours later, I left with fillings, a temporary crown, a sore mouth, and a lighter wallet. I’m scheduled to return in two weeks for the permanent crown. It’s supposed to be a shorter appointment. I hope they’re right.