Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 156

When we got up this morning, it was cool enough to open the windows, but one look outside convinced us otherwise. The AQI was about 150 and got worse throughout the day, though there was a little blue sky around sunset, enough to let us take a short walk.

To add insult to injury, Facebook showed me photos from five years ago today, when we were in Spokane for Sasquan. There were huge fires nearby and the scene looked very much like what we saw today; as that week wore on, the AQI got worse and worse, peaking well over 500 (“hazardous”).

We have friends who have had to evacuate because of the fire. We are in what should be a safe area, but we’ve packed a go-bag anyway (urged on by our friends the Skeletonis and CalOES)!

The Post Office claims to have delivered my new Raspberry Pis to a PO Box; unfortunately, I don’t have a PO Box. I am, however, PO’ed. I’ll see if they materialize tomorrow before trying to figure out how to get a reshipment or refund or something.