Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 159

We took a walk early this morning, even though the AQI was slightly over 150 (at least that’s what the AirNow app and my iPhone’s Weather app claimed – PurpleAir gives a different number, and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District has yet another reading). There were occasional bursts of sunlight, but it was mostly gloomy and smoky, so we stayed home the rest of the day.

The Post Office went above and beyond the call of duty again today, delivering my new alarm interface even though it had the wrong address on the envelope. They called me to tell me that they would try to get it to me this afternoon, even though my carrier had already gone out to make deliveries – and they did!

By the time it got here, it was getting dark; I tried to hook it up anyway, but couldn’t get the wiring to stay in place properly. Tomorrow is another day, right?