Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 160

Last week, our fish vendor told us that they weren’t going to be at the Farmer’s Market today. Normally, we would have gone anyway and picked up some veggies and fruit and taken our usual long walk afterwards, but today we skipped it. I had my doubts how many of the vendors would make it because of the fires and road closures and the air was VERY smoky.

Instead, we made a bonus trip to Lunardi’s for salmon (which we cooked inside, not on the Traeger!). And then we went to Target for the first time since the lockdown started to see if we could find a thermometer and a pulse oximeter – and we found both! The thermometer is a Kinsa, so we are now donating our temperatures to science; the pulse oximeter is not connected to the world as far as I can tell.

Beyond that, it’s been a very quiet day at home.