Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 161

We were supposed to work out with our trainer this morning, but the JCC texted us last night saying they’d be closed all day today because of the pollution from the fires, so that didn’t happen. It wasn’t completely horrible in the morning, so we did get a walk in, but there were fewer people outside than usual.

We were also supposed to be landing in Barcelona today, beginning our Iberian adventure. That didn’t happen either.

What did happen today was that I finally successfully wired up the AlarmDecoder and got it back on the air. I had more trouble putting four little 22 AWG wires into a screw terminal block than even a hardware-impaired person like me should have been able to have. I kept breaking the wires and having to re-strip them; unfortunately, 22 AWG is too small for my good wire stripper, so I had to do it by hand and…well, there’s a reason I have a good wire stripper. But after several attempts and hardly any swearing, I got everything connected and it worked!