Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 183

The air was noticeably better this morning, so we took our usual walk. Then we did something we hadn’t done for at least 183 days – we visited our chiropractor.

Diane started going there after her first Prius got totaled back in 2005 (actually, it was a different chiropractor – but when he moved to the Central Valley and brought in a replacement we liked him, too). We’d stopped going at the beginning of the lockdown, but we’ve been noticing more aches and pains of late, so we decided to go in for a tune-up – it seems to have helped!

I spent most of the rest of the day in front of the computer processing photos from 2009 – I finished our Labo[u]r Day Weekend trip to Banff. Not only did I reduce the stash of photos from 347 to 110, but I labeled and geotagged them all and did some editing. And then I went back to my blog entries from that trip and restored all the photos that had gone missing when I closed my Flickr account – those days look a lot better now!

I have two days left 2009 to deal with – neither of which has a blog entry to help jog my memory. And one day was a wine country tour, so those memories may need a lot of jogging!