Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 231

When we drove the Prius yesterday and today, we noticed a grinding sound which hadn’t been there before. It happened intermittently when starting up or turning, and my best guess was that it was due to the CAT Shield that we’d had installed on Friday. I called Auto-Tec this afternoon and Don told me to bring the car in.

He suggested I take him on a test drive to make sure he heard the same noise that I did, so off we went. I had the radio and A/C turned off and the windows up to make it easier to hear the noise; it worked, and we went back to the shop.

I took a walk while they were working on the car and found a quiet, shady place to read. Suddenly, it occurred to me that I’d been in a closed car with someone I don’t live with for the first time in at least 231 days! It was only for about five minutes, and we were wearing masks, but still….

At least the noise seems to be gone.