Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 274

Today marked my third visit to the ophthalmologist this year – happily, this was a planned visit for a refraction, not an emergency trip. He didn’t even dilate my eyes, which made for a much more pleasant experience for the rest of the day. My prescription changed more than usual in the past year – even the astigmatism correction changed – but I didn’t want to wait around for the optician, so I’ll have to go back or try somewhere else. I hear good things about Costco Optical, but I’m not sure I want to be in a Costco for the next few months!

This afternoon, we walked to Starbucks for our annual December mochas; I ordered in advance on the app, of course, but we had to wait ten minutes after the “promised” time to receive the drinks. They weren’t terribly impressive, nor very hot – I could have gone back to complain, but I didn’t bother. Buying the two mochas brought my Starbucks card down below the $10 level that qualifies me to have the balance refunded, but to do so online requires having the account number and the PIN – I can get the account number from the Starbucks app, but the PIN is on the original card, which is long gone. I’m sure I’ll visit a Starbucks once we start traveling again, so I guess I’ll leave it alone for now.