Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 288

I spent a few hours working with the person who’s volunteering to take over the back end of the District 101 website; he is primarily a Windows user, so he has had to set up a Linux environment from scratch.

Today, we wanted to get the actual website and development environment onto his machine; fortunately, I’d written scripts to do that the last time I got some help, two years ago. Unfortunately, I hadn’t looked at the scripts since then, and Things Have Changed.

Most of the changes were easy to fix (I’d hard-coded “Python3.7” in several places, which was a bad idea), but one threw me for a loop. As part of the install, I clone the actual WordPress directory from; I decided that it was unnecessary and possibly harmful to bring over the cache directory, so I added –exclude ‘cache/”˜ to the rsync command I use to do the cloning. That worked fine two years ago, but in the meantime, the theme we use on the site (Divi) added a cache directory to its codebase; when I cloned the site, that directory didn’t get brought over.

There’s more to be done…tomorrow.