Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 330

I took off the bandage this morning; there was hardly any blood on it. Diane said she thought it didn’t need a new bandage, and the directions from the doctor said a new bandage was “optional”, so I opted out (no photos, sorry not sorry). So far, so good – and thanks to everyone who sent good wishes and prayers! I realize how lucky I am to have caught this one early while it was trivial to take care of.

This morning, my Pushover weather notification had yesterday’s outside temperature instead of today’s. I could see the current temperature on the bedside thermometer display, so I assumed that the Raspberry Pi which gets the temperature and sends it to my Mac had a problem. I was wrong – it was working fine. When I tried to connect to the MQTT broker (Mosquitto) from my desktop Mac, the connection was rejected…but I could connect from the Mac running Mosquitto.

I did a little research and eventually discovered that a recent update to Mosquitto had made it more secure – so that the default behavior was to only allow connections from the machine running Mosquitto. I updated the configuration file to allow connections from anywhere and all was well again. They’d even documented the change as a breaking change but I hadn’t seen it – the update got installed automagically as part of something else. *sigh*