Pandemic Journal, Day 428

After yesterday’s fun and games, I decided to leave the photos alone for a bit and moved on to another project.

I wrote a program which takes information from TripIt and puts the most relevant items onto our Google calendars. It works well, so naturally I feel the need to change it. In particular, what I want it to do is to tell me what changed if it updates a trip (for example, if the airline changes the expected departure time) – that means I have to save the information when the program puts it into the calendar and compare it to the new information, and that’s what I was working on today.

To be more accurate, what I really did today was read my code and try to remember what it’s doing so I can make my changes. It’s not difficult code, but I didn’t plan on persisting the information in an easy-to-reuse format, so I need to figure out a smart way to do that. I feel a database in my future.