Pandemic Journal, Day 429

It was 5:35am. I was in the middle of an exciting dream about travel, hotels, credit cards, and expense account guidelines when suddenly there was a loud BEEP and a strong breeze. My eyes snapped open – the ceiling fan over our bed had started up at full blast for no apparent reason.

I got out of bed and turned it off; I managed to fall asleep until I had to get up for my Toastmasters meeting. But when I walked by the living room, I saw that the ceiling fan there was ALSO running at full blast. And the fan in the office wasn’t running, but its light was turned on.

All of those fans are old Casablanca fans with the “W-32 Intelli-Touch system,” which sends coded pulses on the power line to tell the fan what to do. I guess Something Happened to send random pulses throughout the house. I hope it doesn’t happen again.

One thought on “Pandemic Journal, Day 429

  1. David-
    If these fans have a remote that can be activate by extraneous input, something as simple as a similar frequency nearby fan control, garage door opener, or many types of remote controls, they can trigger your devices without warning.

    I would withhold my subscription to “ghosts” as the cause…

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