Pandemic Journal, Day 442

I was sitting on the couch watching TV today when my watch buzzed with a message. It was the California Franchise Tax Board (the state IRS) telling me that there was a “new notice or document available in your myFTB account.”

Needless to say, this distracted me, but I decided to finish watching anyway. After the show ended, I logged in – but I couldn’t find any new notices.

I did, though, notice that I hadn’t scheduled estimated tax payments for 2021 – needless to say, I fixed that right away! And I fixed it for the IRS, too. The first payments are due in two weeks, so this was a timely, if inadvertent, reminder.

This evening, I went back to the myFTB site to make sure the payments were truly scheduled (they were) and found a new notice in my account. It wasn’t for anything significant, but I was glad to finally see it!

A rose