Pandemic Journal, Day 443

After my Toastmasters meeting this morning, I spent much of the rest of the day working on photos – I have finished sorting through my 2021 photos and now they’re all geotagged and titled.

I’m now doing a final round of cleanup on the photos from 2000-2009; if you ignore the photos from Jeff’s Bar Mitzvah, all of the photos are geotagged and all but a few from my trip to the Summer Palace in Beijing are titled, and I hope to finish those tomorrow – the one just below is the Long Corridor (perhaps that shouldn’t have taken a lot of research to figure out!).

Long Corridor at Summer Palace, Beijing

I haven’t done the sorting to pick out the photos that I want to keep on my phone yet, though there are so few photos (comparatively) from those years that it may not be worth bothering.