Pandemic Journal, Day 444

I needed to send a message to Diane this morning – my hands were busy, so I used Siri on my watch to do the job. But I was surprised when I saw its response to my request.

Yes, even though the top of the screen says “OK, I’ll send this”, the only option you can choose is “Don’t Send”! I waited a few seconds and nothing happened. I finally pressed the button on the watch and said “Send it,” and the message got sent. I don’t understand how they came up with this design – it’s confusing.

On a brighter note, we put in a persimmon tree 7 years ago. They told us it would take a few years to start fruiting – today, Diane noticed fruit on it for the first time ever! There are still many months until it’ll be ready to be harvested, but I’m hopeful.

Shabbat Shalom!