Pandemic Journal, Day 453

We stopped at Lunardi’s this morning to pick up a couple of things (it’s nice being able to go to the grocery store more than once a week again, though I want to avoid going as often as we did before the pandemic). While we ware there, I suddenly started to smell something (probably the inside of my mask).

When we got home, I could smell things fairly clearly – for about an hour. Then it went away. I’m guessing that the antihistamine I’ve been taking the last few days kicked in for a little bit and shrank a polyp – it’s an encouraging sign.

I also ordered an air purifier for our bedroom in hopes that it will help reduce the allergen load in there – we ordered a Blueair 311, which should be here tomorrow. Blueair’s model numbers are weird – the 211 is a bigger unit than the 311, which is bigger than the 411.

And Diane ordered a new camera for our upcoming trips, an Olympus TG-6 to replace her TG-4. The new camera is supposed to do much better in low light; they’ve also revamped the user interface, which is always a scary prospect.