Pandemic Journal, Day 595

Our trainer was on vacation today, but we went to the JCC anyway – it was our first time on the cardio machines since…well, you know. I can’t speak for Diane, but I was definitely out of practice and didn’t get into my usual rhythm. It felt good to get back onto the bike, and I actually felt virtuous about not letting our trainer’s absence stop us from exercising.

When we got home, I found an unsurprising email from Best Buy – they can’t deliver the cooktop on November 22, as planned – they gave us a new date of December 7. I won’t be surprised if that date slips, too, but I can hope….

And I finally got back to working on some photo editing – I’m now finished with our Iceland/Boston trip, just in time to head off to visit Jeff in Boston later this week and, I hope, take more photos there!