Pandemic Journal, Day 606

We went to Costco today – I had a prescription to fill, and it was by far the cheapest place to do it. While I waited for them to confirm the price, of course we shopped; one of the things we were looking for was induction-compatible cookware, especially saucepans.

None of the cookware on the shelves was induction-compatible, but Hexclad was in the warehouse for a “special event.” Their cookware was clearly labeled as induction-compatible and non-stick, so we let the demonstrator show it to us. It looked good – he cooked an omelet with just a little oil and showed us how he could use a metal spatula without harm. But he didn’t have any saucepans (he’d sold out), and we didn’t really need any more skillets. So we left empty-handed, but with a link to their website to find out more.

Unsurprisingly, the website made the cookware look even better than the demonstrator did. But I did a little more research and found a Hexclad review from The Rational Kitchen. I’d run into The Rational Kitchen when we were deciding on a cooktop (which isn’t here yet!) and I liked the way they went into detail and explained things; they did the same thing here.

One of their observations was that you (we) probably don’t need non-stick saucepans. Considering we mostly make rice and pasta in ours, that’s probably true – and that means Hexclad isn’t a great fit for our needs, so I’m glad they didn’t have it in the warehouse today!