Pandemic Journal, Day 613

I got a message from the Post Office around 8am, telling me that the coffee they didn’t deliver yesterday (“at customer request”) was out for delivery again – and it arrived around 2:30pm. I opened the box to make sure it was what I’d ordered and put it away; I won’t need it for at least a week.

I’d also ordered bagels from New Yorker Bagels for this weekend – they ship FedEx Priority Express, so they were supposed to arrive before 1pm. But at 1pm, they were still “at FedEx location” – but they arrived just before 4pm, in plenty of time for lunch tomorrow.

And I found that I can use QuickTime Player to trim video clips, which means I don’t have to specify precise timing when I run the script I talked about on Wednesday to clip a piece of video from a movie. Trimming a second or two from a 30-second clip is easy in QuickTime; using it to pull a short segment out of a longer video would be much more finicky.

613 days…that’s one per mitzvah. Hard to believe!

Shabbat Shalom!