Pandemic Journal, Day 624

For the past week or so, Facebook has not been letting me tag Diane in the postings I make there (especially those pointing to the blog), at least not from either Mac (it fails from Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, too!). She doesn’t even show up in the list of people it suggests, and neither she nor her namesake in England show up if I search for her. But I can tag her from my phone. Go figure.

We took another step towards induction-cooking bliss today; our new cookware arrived (Circulon from Costco, suggested by our friend Sam). We used a couple of pieces, both on our little induction cooker and on our conventional stovetop, and they seem fine so far. We spent a good part of the evening preparing the non-induction pots and pans for donation – I’m going to wait until we get the new cooktop to actually donate them, though.