Pandemic Journal, Day 631

Our new cooktop arrived and was installed today! The installation went smoothly (I wasn’t in the kitchen when they were working, but I didn’t hear any unexpected noises or swearing), and it looks good. I tested it and made sure all the burners worked, but we haven’t used it to cook yet – we weren’t sure whether it would be installed before dinner, so we planned a meal that didn’t need the cooktop.

While we were waiting for the installers, I had to turn off “Block Unknown Callers” on my phone, so I wound up answering two spam callers this afternoon. Both were real people, not recordings. One was from “Pain Relief Center”, claiming to be a follow-up call; the other claimed to be from CVS and told me that Medicare had “short-listed me” for some kind of heart test for free. I almost miss the auto warranty calls!

One thought on “Pandemic Journal, Day 631

  1. EXCITING! Our new dishwasher was installed on Tuesday, and we just set it off for the first time. SO MUCH QUIETER! Can’t wait to see how the dishes come out. The old one was over 20 years old and bits of plastic were starting to break off.

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