Pandemic Journal, Day 636

This morning, we made a very quick trip to the Farmers’ Market before going to the Shir Hadash “Town Hall” meeting. There were about 40 of us in the Sanctuary (plenty of room for social distancing) and at least as many more joining via Zoom. There were no surprises (which, as a Board member, made me happy) and we finished on time (which made me even happier – the room was COLD!).

We managed to squeeze a walk in after lunch – the weather forecast called for rain all day, heavy at times, but it’s been pretty intermittent and light.

We probably could have walked after dinner, but we chose to stay home and watch Marin Theatre Company’s Rolling World Premiere production of Georgiana and Kitty: Christmas at Pemberley instead. We’d seen the two previous plays in the trilogy at City Lights, and I expect they’ll do this one in a year or two, but I was happy to have the chance to watch from home. Like the previous two plays, it’s a logical continuation of Pride and Prejudice; it’s light without being lightweight. The live production ends on the 19th of December; I’m not sure how long the online version will be available, but it’s a nice way to spend a couple of hours.